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List of White Star Line ships that sank

The White Star Line is most widely known today because of the sinking of Titanic on her maiden voyage; but, although, most White Star Line ships enjoyed successful careers, a number of ships other than Titanic serving the White Star Line sank, both as a result of accident and as a result of enemy action during war time. The list bellow names the ships that sunk or were wrecked while serving as White Star Line ships:

Atlantic, sometimes referred to as White Star Line’s first Titanic, sank in 1873 after smashing into rocks in Nova Scotia, causing the death of around 562 people aboard. It was the worst disaster in maritime history at the time, and the second largest ever disaster involving the White Star Line.

Naronic was a cargo and livestock ship that disappeared in 1893 while sailing from Liverpool to New York. To this day it is uncertain what happened to Naronic.

Suevic, maybe a debatable addition to this list as ‘most’ of the ship was rescued and put back into service – but – while lost in fog, on 2nd February 1907, Suevic, at full speed, smashed into rocks and become stuck, forcing her passengers to have to be rescued. Suevic’s bow, well and truly stuck, had to be removed from the rest of the ship using dynamite, and a new bow had to be built and fitted to the rest of Suevic before she could return to service.

Republic (II), sailing from New York to the Mediterranean, in heavy fog, was smashed into by another ship, causing Republic to slowly sink. Republic was able to call for help using her wireless radio, still at the time a fairly new novelty aboard ship, and after quite a drama at sea, her survivors were rescued by White Star’s Baltic.

Titanic, struck an iceberg in the North Atlantic, on 14th April 1912, while sailing from Southampton to New York, on her maiden voyage. Probably the most known about and talked about disaster at sea, only 712 of the 2208 people aboard survived.

Oceanic II, requisitioned to serve her country during the First World War and serving as an armed merchant cruiser, was, on 8th September 1914, wrecked in Scotland after grounding and becoming stuck on rocks. Oceanic had to be abandoned and was eventually broken up on the spot.

Arabic (II) was launched in 1902 and sailed between the United Kingdom and the United States. Still in commercial passenger service, Arabic was torpedoed on 19th August 1915 and sunk within just 11 minutes.

Cymric was a passenger and cargo ship launched in 1897. While sailing near Ireland on on 8th May 1916, during the First World War, Cymric was without any warning torpedoed by U20 – the same submarine that had sunk Lusitania – and started to sink. The survivors were rescued and taken to Ireland.

Britannic (II), the third Olympic class liner and the sister ship of Titanic, was serving as a World War One Hospital ship when she hit a mine in the Kea Channel, on 21st November 1916, and sank within 55 minutes. Today Britannic is now the largest passenger liner on the ocean floor.

Georgic (I), a cargo and livestock ship, launched in 1895, while sailing from the United States to France and the United Kingdom, on 10th December 1916, was shelled and then captured by the German merchant raider Möwe before being sunk. Georgic’s crew were taken as prisoners and spent the remainder of the First World War in a Prisoner of War camp.

Delphic (I), launched in 1897, served on the United Kingdom to Australia and New Zealand service. Delphic was sunk by UC72 on 16th August 1917, while sailing between Cardiff and Montevideo, with a cargo consisting of coal.

Afric, launched in 1898, sailed from the United Kingdom to Australia. She was sunk on 12th February 1917 after being torpedoed by UC66.

Laurentic (I), launched in 1908, was serving as an armed merchant cruiser on 25th January 1917 when she hit two mines and sunk off Ireland. 354 people lost their lives as a result of Laurentic’s sinking.

Southland, originally Red Star Line’s Vaderland, had been transferred to White Star Line following the outbreak of World War One. She was torpedoed and sunk on 4th June 1917 by U70.

Celtic (II) was launched in 1901 and sailed between the United Kingdom and the United States. On 19th December 1928, Celtic became stuck on rocks in Ireland, and the passengers and cargo aboard were taken off the ship. Celtic was considered to be permanently stuck and had to be broken up on the spot.

Laurentic (II), one of the last ships built for the White Star Line, was launched in 1927. During the Second World War she was used as an armed merchant cruiser and on 3rd November 1940 she was torpedoed and sunk by U99.

Georgic (II), launched in 1931, was the very last ship built for the White Star Line. During the Second World War Georgic was used as a troopship. In July 1941 Georgic was almost completely destroyed after being bombed by German planes, causing the ship to burn and ammunition aboard to explode. Georgic was left half submerged in the water. Although never the same, Georgic was raised and eventually brought back into service.

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