On the 31st November 1931, the last ever ship built for the White Star Line, MV Georgic was launched at Harland and Wolff, Belfast .

Georgic's maiden voyage from Liverpool - New York started on the 25th June 1932 . Under the command of Captain FF Sommers.

On 11th January 1933 Georgic started her first of two voyages taking Olympics place on the Southampton to New York rout while Olympic had an overhaul.

In May 1934 the White Star Line merged with the Cunard line. After Majestic was sold in 1936 the only ships in service for White Star were the Georgic and her sister Britannic (the Laurentic was laid up from 1935 until the war).

From 3rd May 1935 Georgic was on the London - New York service.

In April 1940 Georgic was converted into a World war two troop transport.

She started her first voyage as a troopship on 24 th May 1940 . When she sailed to Norway .

In July 1941 while Georgic was at Port Tewfic in the Gulf of Suez , she was bombed by German planes.

The fire caused by the bombs reached her fuel and the ammunition onboard exploded. She was beached and the half submerged ship was almost completely destroyed but she was raised on 27 October 1941 .

She then spent the next 3 years having repair work carried out at Port Sudan, Karachi, Bombay and made ready for trooping services again at Harland and Wolff, Belfast.

In December 1944 she returned to service as a troop transport.

In January 1949 she returned to Cunard White Star service (although she was now owned by the British government) but because of her war damage she was not allowed to sail in the winter.

She was sold for scraped in 1956.

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