SS Nomadic (I)

SS Nomadic (I), yard number 236 – not to be confused with White Star’s second ship of that name, Nomadic (II) – was launched at Harland and Wolff, Belfast, UK on 11th February 1891. She was White Star Line’s third Livestock carrier, and their first twin screw freighter. She could carry around 1,250 cattle, 9,800 tons of cargo and could transport horses. Nomadic also occasionally carried a small number of passengers. The living conditions of the animals onboard were reported as being good for a ship.

Under the command of Captain Thompson, Nomadic departed Liverpool, UK for her maiden voyage on 24th April 1891, arriving in New York, US on 5th May.

During the Boer war Nomadic was used for war duties; she was named HM Transport 34 and carried both horses and military personnel to Cape Town. She made three of these voyages.

On 14th March 1903, while at Portland, Maine, US – as well as Nomadic herself sustaining minor damage – 73 bales of cotton were lost after a fire broke out on the upper cattle deck and in the number 5 hatch.

In 1903 Nomadic was transferred to IMM's Dominion Line, renamed Cornishman in 1904, and in 1921 was transferred to IMM's Leyland Line.

In February 1926 Cornishman was sold for scrap to Thomas W Ward, and broken up at Lelant, Cornwall, UK.

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