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Majestic (I)

The sister ship of Teutonic, RMS Majestic was launched at Harland and Wolff, on 29th June 1889. She began her maiden voyage from Liverpool to New York on 2nd April 1890, under the command of Captain Parsell.

On 2nd September 1890 a fire boat, three companies of New York fire fighters and members of Majestic's crew had to put out a fire that broke out while cotton bales were being loaded into one of majestic's cargo holds. There was no serious damage to the ship.

She won the Blue Ribbon for a westbound crossing of 5 days, 18 hours and 8 minutes, at an average speed of 21 knots, in 1891. She only held the Blue Ribbon for 2 weeks before losing it to her sister Teutonic.

At 3.30am on 30th July 1894 in dense fog Majestic collided and cut through Antelope, a Newfoundland fishing schooner, killing 2 of Antelopes 8 crew members.

On 1st May 1898 the New York Times reported that “The Majestic springs a leak” after she sustained broken plates that started to leak after she collided with her quay in New York. The damage was not serious.

She had two trooping voyages during the Boer war, during December 1899 and February 1900. Both under the command of Captain EJ Smith. Captain Smith would later command Titanic on her ill-fated maiden voyage.

In 1902 she had her funnels made higher, new boilers fitted and had one of her three masts removed.

In June 1907 she moved from Liverpool to the Southampton to New York service. Her first voyage on her new rout began on 26th June 1907.

On 5th April 1908 while under the command of Captain Bertram Hayes she rescued the crew of Helios a stranded Norwegian tanker in the North Atlantic.

She was taken out of service in November 1911 and put into reserve due to Olympic coming into service.

After Titanic sank on her maiden voyage, Majestic was put back into service as Titanic's replacement.

In May 1913 a crew member of Majestic, Edward Turner was presumed to have committed suicide by jumping over board. About 3 days later another crew member, William Keoun tried to commit suicide by jumping over board but was heard and seemed to change his mind, once he hit the water. Majestic's port side emergency boat was lowered and Majestic's first officer David Blair (who was Titanic's original 2nd officer) jumped over board to save the man, both David Blair and William Keoun were safely brought back aboard.

On 17th October 1913 Majestic under the command of Captain Beadnell rescued the crew of the French schooner Garonne.

On 14th January 1914 Majestic left Southampton on her last voyage. As she was leaving Cherbourg during the voyage a tender struck her, a coaling port was damaged which was repaired before she continued and when Majestic arrived in New York the tug boat John Nichols sank with fire pouring out of her engine room after Majestic's stern had struck her while she was docking. There were no injuries.

When Majestic returned she was sold for £26,700 to T Ward to be broken up.

The ship breakers made money from Majestic by opening her to the public during the summer of 1914.

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