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List of White Star Line ships that James Paul Moody served on

James Paul Moody was a ships officer employed by the White Star Line from 17th August 1911 until he was lost at sea during the Titanic disaster on 15th April 1912. He served as Titanicís 6th Officer. He was born in Scarborough, United Kingdom on 21st August 1887.

Oceanic - serving as 6th Officer from 17th August 1911 until 30th December 1911.

Oceanic - serving as 5th Officer from 30th December 1911 until 26th March 1912.

Titanic - serving as 6th Officer from 26th March 1912 until 15th April 1912.

On duty on the bridge at the time Titanic struck the iceberg, it was James Moody who answered the phone, receiving the message from Titanicís Lookouts that there was an iceberg right ahead. He replied to the lookouts with ĎThank youí and passed on the message. He was last seen shortly before Titanicís last moments on the surface, working with one of the last two lifeboats aboard, which would end p being washed off the ship.

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