List of White Star Line ships that Captain Edward John Smith served on

Captain Edward John Smith, born on 27th January 1850, joined the White Star Line as ships officer on 1st March 1880. He was given his first command of a White Star Line ship on 18th April 1887. He was in command of Titanic on her ill-fated maiden voyage when she struck an iceberg late in the evening of 14th April 1912, and sank during the early hours of 15th April 1912. Captain Edward John Smith was lost in the Titanic disaster. The source of most of the following is from the records kept within White Star Line’s Officers Books (via, and various pages on this website:

Celtic - serving as 4th Officer from 1st March 1880 until July 1880.
? - serving as 3rd Officer from July 1880 until 6th February 1882.
? - serving as 2nd Officer from 6th February 1882 until 20th July 1885.
? - serving as Chief Officer from 20th July 1885 until 18th April 1887.
Republic – serving as Captain from 18th April until 20th August 1887.
? - serving as Chief Officer from 20th August 1887 until 27th March 1888.
Baltic – serving as Captain from 27th March 1887.
Majestic – serving as Captain from 1895.
Adriatic – serving as Captain from April 1907 until 15th May 1911.
Olympic – serving as Captain from 15th May 1911 until 1st April 1912.
Titanic – serving as Captain from 1st April 1912 until 15th April 1912.

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