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Doric (II)

Doric (II) was a turbine-powered ship launched at Harland and Wolff, Belfast on 8th August 1922 and begun her maiden voyage from Liverpool to Montréal on 8th June 1923.

On 14th May 1928, Doric’s number three lifeboat falls were damaged when the steamer Judge Kenefick, brushed against Doric. The incident happened in Montréal.

After her last Atlantic voyage to Montréal on 27th May 1932, Doric was used only for cruising.

When the White Star Line merged with Cunard in May 1934 Doric become part of the new Cunard white star fleet and flew both the Cunard and White Star flag.

On 5th September 1935 in mist, off the coast of Portugal, with 735 people onboard, Doric was smashed in the starboard bow by the French steamer Formigny. Causing a 10' by 5'hole that went to the waterline and a severe starboard list. An SOS was sent and her passengers and crew were picked up by Orient Line's Orion and P&O's Viceroy of India. The passengers and crew were landed in London two days later and Doric was able to make her way to Vigo, Spain.

Following temporary repairs Doric left Vigo for Tilbury, Essex, where she was given a survey that concluded that she was a constructive loss. Doric was then sold for scrap to Sir John Cashmore’s yard in Newport, Wales. Doric left Tilbury for Newport on 7th October 1935 and was then broken up.

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