Doric (I)

Doric (I) and her sister ship Ionic were the first ships to be built by Harland and Wolff that were constructed using steel instead of iron. They were intended for the White Star Line’s and Shaw, Savill and Albion Lines joint Britain to New Zealand service. Doric was launched on 10th March 1883.

After Doric was completed, she was, while they waited for their own ships to be ready, charted to the New Zealand Shipping Company and began her maiden voyage from London to Wellington; although, Doric had already sailed from Holyhead to London on 6th July with a party of people which included Thomas Ismay, the Bishop of Newcastle and the Duke of Sutherland.

Doric departed London for New Zealand on the 6th January 1885 for her maiden White Star, Shaw, Savill and Albion line voyage. In 1896 Doric was transferred to the Joint White Star and Occidental and Oriental Line service, sailing from from San Francisco to Honk Kong.

On Sunday 6th July 1902, the New York Times reported that, yesterday, Doric had arrived in San Francisco carrying an unusually large cargo of 2,693 tons, which included the largest ever shipment of opium (33,210 pounds) and 129,492 chests of new tea.

Doric left San Francisco for her last White Star and Occidental and Oriental voyage on 8th August 1906, and was then in November sold for £50,000 to the Pacific Mail Steamship Company, who renamed her Asia.

On 23rd April 1911, in fog, Asia was wrecked near Wenchow, in South China. After the passengers had been rescued, the ship was looted, and she was then burnt by local fisherman.

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