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White Star lines Albertic, then known as München, was originally ordered for Germany’s Norddeutscher Lloyd Line. Construction of München began in around 1914 at AG Weser, Bremen, Germany, but due to the First World War all work was halted.

After the war ended, construction of München resumed and she was launched on 23rd march 1920. After the Treaty of Versailles, München was handed over to Britain as war reparation. She was then bought by the Royal Mail Line who renamed her Ohio.

Ohio’s career began on on 3rd April 1923, when she started her maiden voyage from Hamburg to New York via Southampton and Cherbourg.

In 1927, Following the take of the White Star Line by the Royal Mail Group, Ohio was sold to White Star Line for £1,000,000 and was renamed Albertic.

Albertic was placed on White Star’s Britain to Canada service, and made her maiden White Star voyage from Liverpool to Québec and Montréal on 22nd April 1927. Albertic had accommodation for both Cabin and Tourist Third Cabin passengers. In total around 1400 passengers could be carried. Albertic was then the largest ship on her route.

White Star Line decided to move Albertic to the new London to Québec and Montréal via Southampton service. With her making her first voyage on this service starting on 5th May 1928.

While on a voyage in December 1928, White Star Lines Celtic (II) become permanently stuck on rocks near Cobh, resulting in Celtic having to be broken up for scrap on the spot. Albertic was transferred to the Liverpool to New York service to replace Celtic, making the first voyage on 2nd February 1929.

Albertic was returned to her Liverpool to Québec and Montréal service, leaving Liverpool back on her original White star route on 9th may 1930.

Although some secondary sources indicate that she may have served for longer, it appears that Albertic made her last White Star Line voyage, Liverpool to Québec and Montréal, on 29th August 1930, before she was laid up on the River Clyde, Scotland, UK.

In May 1934, with Albertic still laid up in Scotland, White Star Line merged with the Cunard Line. Albertic become part of the Cunard White Star fleet but never sailed as a passenger ship again.

Albertic was broken up for scrap at Osaka, Japan in 1934.

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